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Chapter #3 is continuation of our story but with a few twists! Who will kill who? Ruby’s pet monster kills Jade or Jade kills him? And why? And who will eat who? Are we going to have some more monsters? And there is a rumor about 3rd sister! WHAT? 3rd sister? Answers to all these questions in Chapter3 of this super-amazing-mega-cool-extra fun issue!


Get ready for the 3rd chapter of this eternal fight story full of excitement, action, nudity, bad language, mystery, blood and gore, witty dialogues and interesting costumes!


Part 2: Now you’ll be able to read more about the origins of our favorite sisters, Ruby and Jade! How they became what they are? Who created them and why? Learn about their wishes and desires! And of course why is their pet sleeping for past 274 millions of years! Who will wake him up? Is he hungry? Answers to all of those questions and more you’ll find in this issue! 


Part 1: The story: two sisters, rulers of two different worlds hating each other – sounds like everyday average family! Just mixed with variety of supernatural powers and creepy habits!


A great comic series from our Canadian friend. Previously only available on Kickstarter, now exclusively here at THENEXTART.


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